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Specials for Webhosting Clients:

Free offers for Signup

(1) Free Domain Registration:
If a customer does not already have a domain name registered, we will do if for free for all plans above the Pauper plan.

(2) Unlimited Bandwidth (with text advertisement):
If your web site is selected as part of our advertisement package, we will provide additional Bandwidth at no cost to you. In some, cases this will essentially result in 'Free Unlimited Bandwidth' just by allowing us to advertise on your site (which will also help promote your site). Please contact us, if you would like to apply for this special.

(3) Bird Dog Reward :)
To attempt to add more local business customers, we offer a Bird Dog Fee. Which means we pay a one time 'finder' fee to anyone who sends us a new customer. We are now making this offer to Everyone.

Special Offer   Pauper Prince King
Bird Dog


or 20% of
their cost 2


or 20% of
their cost 2
1 If the customer prepays for one year, we will send your 'Bird Dog' fee where we are paid. If the customer pays on the monthly plan, we will send your 'Bird Dog' fee within 3 - 6 months (depending on how promising it looks that they will remain a customer).
2 Whichever is greater.

Previous Specials:

Effective January 2004 to ..... (open):
All the specials for previous years will be repeated as requested by new customers. In other words, you can pick ONE of these specials when you sign up for the first time.

Photo Gallery / Album:

Free Photo
  Free Setup (Gallery) Free Training
(up to 4 hrs)
$200 Value

Shopping Cart:

Free Shopping
  Free Setup (Catalog) Free Training
(up to 4 hrs)
$200 Value

Free Setup for all Extra Scripts:

Additional Scripts
Free Setup
  Any Combination(In the list) Free Training
(up to 4 hrs)
Up to
$200 Value

phpBB Forum Setup:

Free Forum
  Free Setup (Forum) Free Training
(up to 4 hrs)
$200 Value

Customized Form (with script):

Form Script
  Free Setup Free Training
(up to 8 hrs)
$200 Value

Double the Free Hours

Free Online
  Double The Free Hours
For 3 months
Twice the Normal Hrs
(8, 16, 48 hrs )
Save $25 / hr
Up To $600

Free PHP Template Setup:

Create Free
PHP Template
  Provide Concept
We Provide Code
~8 hrs
$200 Value

Submittal to Search Engines:

Free Submittal
To Search Engines
  Submit to Search Robots All Sites Submitted
(To Major Free Engines)
$200 Value
(8 hr project)

Adsense Dead

Owner Has

Gone Fishing