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The Web Host with Redneck sense of humor :)
Now semi-retired but still working on:
tutorial pages (and other freebies); lake conway tips and John toilet loo humor

Major change in plan: No longer sell hosting - but we are a 'free host' for IBD friends i.e. people with IBD can ask for free hosting by contacting arkieprince. Also we maintain several domains that provide freebies that web hosting companies and their clients can use. There are code generators for php - for html - for custom error pages - for signature files and many more. They are scattered over 7 domains that we maintain (see - two site maps.

This is freebies website (free host) that was a former web hosting company (ibdhost). Now providing tools for webmasters such as php tutorials /code generators + css generators and more (much more) for beginning webmasters. Freebies doesn't comply with the old cliche = You Get What You Pay For. That is: in this case the freebies for webmasters provide code generators to help newbies get started; therefore, the clients actually get a Lot more than what they pay for ! In other words, this is not a cheap web hosting company but a provider of freebies for webmasters

We provide info for creation of dynamic sites with php tutorials. This includes freebies that teach beginners - how to write php scripts and to generate dynamic forms (just one example). Remember the php lessons are included in the free tutorials and code generators

P.S. Our other sites specialize in training for webmasters / webdesigner / other web host. Teaching them how to use HTML and CSS code that validates. Normally, the code will validate / meet - W3C XHTML 1.0 - see validation link on bottom of all pages

Note: We donate free sites to support groups for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) - such as CDAI, Crohn's Disease Activity Index, etc. Contact us for details if you know of an IBD site that needs help with their web site.

Some 'so called' low price web hosting companies may show low prices. However, look for hidden cost such as setup fees, charge for domain registration and even more importantly, note that these companies do NOT offer free hands on training / tutorials. IBDhost service is perfect for clients that want to learn as they go e.g. future professional webmasters looking for freebies. The clients can then become php programmers, design experts, and perhaps competitors.

BTW: (tip) Many competitors offer large amounts of bandwidth but it's a gimmick (publicity stunt) because these companies know that most clients will NEVER use the amount of bandwidth in the plan. But the real trick is that if the client does use those huge amounts of bandwidth then the plan cost will increase because the host will inform the client that the site is using too many resources (such as too many cpu cycles). Therefore, the clients may be forced to upgrade to a dedicated server at several hundred dollars a month - just in order to actually use the bandwidth that was promised in the plan.

A real neat trick for the 'big host' that can pull this legal trick because they actually have hundred's and hundred's of Gigs to 'promise the client' - knowing that 99% of the clients will never need even a fraction of the 'promised bandwidth'. If the website does become so popular that it requires large amounts of bandwidth, the site will have to move to an expensive dedicated server because of excess server loads (another good excuse for the host to charge more $$$).

IBDhost service offers real freebies for webmasters; therefore, it's often not necessary to hire webmasters, programmers or teachers to learn how to build a professional site. (no gimmicks just free training / code generators for webmasters).

The main objective of this Freebies for Webmaster plan is to provide a service for clients that want to learn how to control their own web site (to avoid paying professional web designer fees).

The Freebies include hands on css and php tutorial service that is NOT offered by web host. In other words, IBDhost provides customer service / training not offered by the web host trying to get rich off large number of clients.

This service consist of freebies for webmasters who want to learn php - css - etc best explained by visiting the site index at

Note: We are proud to say that the tutorials and especially the code generators used to train newbies emphasis code that will validate at Therefore, they can proudly display the W3 validator link (see bottom left of all 150 pages that we maintain :)